英文單字 :"注意事項" 有哪些?



a matter needing attention; a point for attention

matter [mætә(r)]
n.事件,問題,物質,內容,實質,原因,(印刷或書寫的)檔,(文章或講話等的)素材 vi.有關係,要緊

attention [ә’tenʃ(ә)n]

point [pɔint]
n.點,尖端,分數,要點,分數 vt.弄尖,指向,指出,瞄準,加標點於 vi.指,指向,表明


A record message is played when the airport bus approaches the terminal.
This article mainly introduce some problems about remote system design for electromagnetism bridge crane using for carrying steel plate.
By the group practice of authorware and flash fashionable from basic method basic control notice and etc this paper discusses the new path for the development of cai courseware.
Guidelines for international exchange student application.
This paper introduces the invention principle of sterilization dispensing method of bordeaux mixture and the matters needing attention in using.
The paper introduces the kinds and features of air fe eder series analyzes the working processes and proposes the matters needing at tention in selection and application of air feeders.
The method for compiling technical bid document for hydraulic engineering bid and matters needing attentions are introduced.
Units producing inflammable and explosive dangerous goods shall attach instruction book with datas such as the ignition point flash point and explosion limit of the product and give points of attention for fire and explosion prevention.
Properties: stops stomach cramps diuretic laxative stimulate the production of estrogen in women precautions: emmenagogue do not use on pregnancy.
It is suggested the general principle and emphasis of different kinds of natural gas boosting system under the condition of the inlet natural gas pressure is with great variety according to calculation& type choice of whole boosting system set in some9e gt power plant and influence on starting up or load off of gas turbine led by piping gas storage system.
In addition both the working process of compound die and questions required attention are stated.
Abstract: it explores the reason for renewing converter blower in jinlong copper co. ltd. points out cautions for selecting blower in accordance with particularity of working condition of the converter blower analyses the energy consumption with different adjustment modes and describes mainly control characteristics and application of converter blower from kkk of germany.
What points should we pay more attention to when we change the direct speech into indirect speech?
In this paper by way of example of the elevated pile cap construction of sanmenjiang bridge in liuzhou city the design and construction of the column steel boxed cofferdam of tensile and compressive type are introduced with particular details given to its design scheme working principles construction technology and construction key points and the matters of attention in the construction with the cofferdam are expatiated as well.
In the paper the main property principle and notices of the improved self-determining circuit of magnetic balance graduation-value are introduced.it is also provided of the circuit principle diagram.

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