Translation . English Editing
Web Design

Through translation, gaps are transcended
and communication is abled.
Through web design, opportunities are created
and interaction is launched.

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Basic Translation

Service A

Basic translation
This level offers the most economical solution for clients. Service A is suitable for translation of correspondences, resumes, and simple everyday language items, etc.

Transaltion And Editing

Service B

Translation and editing. This level is the most balanced solution for clients. Serivice B involves technical element of editing, and is suitable for translation of technical manuals, company web pages, reports, and other professional items, etc.

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Serivice CTranslation, editing, proofreading

Service C

Translation, editing, and proofreading.
This is the most rigorous and time consuming translation process. This type of translation is for documents with the highest quality requirements. After translation and editing, a proofreader carefully goes through the document to ensure accuracy and improve readability. Service C is suitable for thesis papers, journal submissions, and scientific reports, etc.

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Web designingWeb designing

Bilingual Web Design

In this era, where the number of smart phone and tablet users substantially exceeds that of traditional personal computers, I.AM. employs responsive technology to customize websites that support all devices. Stylistic simplicity is our design principle, which we convey through unique web designs for our clients. With the I.AM. translation team's precise and fluent production, your website is guaranteed to become a platform to the world.

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English EditingEnglish Editing

English Editing

Our two-step editing process conveys the significance of an original work with the sensibility and eloquence of a native speaker.

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Translation, Editing & Web Design

With a professional translation team comprising experts in various fields, I.AM. provides our clients with the most accurate and excellent translation services. Futhermore, the I.AM. editing team endeavors to safeguard the quality of our translations, thereby guaranteeing top tier productions.

In addition to translation and editing services, I.AM. also specializes in web design for devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers. This, in combination with services provided by our professional translation team, enables clients to have a website that propagates business ideals to the world.

Service Items

  • Translation Service
  • Chinese to English
  • English to Chinese
  • English Editing
  • Academic English Editing
  • Website English Editing
  • General English Editing
  • Bilingual Web Design
  • Support Mobile Phone Layout
  • SEO Support
  • Bilingual CMS Website


Translation Team

Translators and Editors

The I.AM. translation and editing team comprises experts with multicultural backgrounds.
In addition to possessing a thorough understanding of both English and Chinese, our translators and editors have had extensive academic training.
To guarantee quality service, I.AM. adopts a comprehensive system, where translations are first edited by native English speakers , and then proofread by professionals.

Web Design Team

Website Engineer, Graphic Designer

The I.AM. website design team specializes in responsive web design.
The web layout of websites constructed using responsive web design alters according to the user’s screen size.
After the website framework is complete, the graphic designer is responsible for designing the overall layout, images, and font of the website, sparing you the trouble of having to purchase multiple website design services for different devices.


  • 01

    Upload your document

    (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)

    and fill in your basic contact information

    Email address, telephone number, and mailing address
  • 02

    We will send you a quotation within 24 hours

    (plus a sample translation upon request)

    and the estimated completion date.

  • 03

    Once we receive a reply mail from clients,
    we begin the work process. During this period,
    we may contact the client regarding questions in the document.
    Clarifying questions improves translation quality.

  • 04

    The document is sent to the client upon completion.
    Service charge is payable within 7 days upon receiving the document.

  • 05

    Follow-up service:
    We provide free revisions within 7 days of completion.


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